Facebook Hack Tool – Gateway to any Facebook Account

Facebook Hack ToolMany tools and websites claims they can hack any Facebook account within few minutes. They only make claims and do nothing. All tall promises and nothing practical. However, there is one application that works and does what it claims. Yes, we are talking about the program you can see in added screenshot. This software is in the market since 2011, but very few know about it. Lately, a new version of this application has been released which means that if you were using the older version before then from now, it would not work. You will have to download the latest version of this fantastic tool from their official website. Facebook Hacker v.2.9.0. is the latest version and all the bugs and issues with the previous patch have been fixed. So, this means that the app is functional once again.

What This Software Can Do?

This amazing tool can crack the password of any Facebook account within few minutes. Yes, it may sound absurd to you, but this is true. You must have used other tools and applications but faced disappointment because they never. This is why you may not believe that this software can do wonders for you.
Add FB username and it will get you password for that account. This is what this amazing application does for you.

How it Works?

Well, it may take you years to understand the in-depth working process of this program fully but let me give you an overview of it. When you enter the username or email of any fb ID, it starts checking the Facebook database. And using the built-in password description tool, it decrypts the password and shows it to you. Depending on the type of password it may take from seconds to few hours. It all depends on how your victim has set his/her account password.

Where to Download It?

DL-ico You can download the app on its official website by Progressive PST developers team.

How to use it?

Enter the profile ID of your victim. You can find profile ID from the profile URL of the victim. If required, you can select the clear cookies and use proxy check buttons. Now click the button and it will start the process. Within few minutes or seconds, it will give you the password of your victim. Isn’t it amazing?


Facebook Hack Tool is an amazing application but should be used for personal and educational purposes!

16 thoughts on “Facebook Hack Tool – Gateway to any Facebook Account

  1. Leila said:

    Hi, I do not know what is my boyfriend email address so what exactly I need to enter inside your software to get his fb password? Please reply <3

  2. Patrick said:

    Helped a lot to recover my old Facebook account I made in my high school days hehe. Many thanks!

  3. ipAdmin said:

    Hi Leila,

    You only need to input his Facebook username. You can see it by going to someones profile URL address and it’s located at the very end of the link.

    I think it’s also visible inside Facebook Messenger app if you go to someones profile.

    Kind regards,

  4. Peter said:

    Finally my cheating girlfriend is busted thanked to this program. Highly recommend to everyone, solved my weeks of frustrations and paranoia of bad relationship, thank u!

  5. Leonyy said:

    Absolutely love this!

  6. Mike said:

    Hey, my situation is weird because there is no username on the url link of the person I want to hack, it just shows some number at the end. Do I need to paste that number or something else? Because I did try and the tool shows me invalid attempt. Also I do not know his email too. So is there any way to crack this password? thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  7. Roxoxo said:

    Amazing share, this is my favorite software so far of every I ever tried hahaha it’s fully kicking!!

  8. Admin said:

    Hi Mike,

    You can just paste the whole URL in the app’s textbox, like “https://www.facebook.com/-number-ID/”
    This way it should work fine.


  9. Ronald B. said:

    The thing this this app is available to everyone on the internet for usage is so bad and I’m worried how no one here and even admins are not aware of this. Just imagine that every single personal Facebook account is in danger of getting hacked.
    So basically everyone can hack anyone they want if they just know this software exists.
    I honestly hope this will soon get shut down or patched to unworking by someone from Facebook or law representatives.
    Can’t you see that anyone’s online privacy and sensitive information for example in messages can be easily exposed if someone just look at you in wrong way and wants to harm you. They can simply download this app, run it against you and you’re screwed in no time..

    I really hope you will understand this what I’m telling soon and will delete this post to stop it spreading this information.

    Just open your eyes!

  10. Raj said:

    Please help me i can’t download it, so i didnt use it please help me

  11. Admin said:

    Hi Ronald,
    Interesting thinking you have and I really appreciate your opinion and time for sharing it!

    Yes you are 100% true here by ethical point of viewing. But the thing is also that people can fully protect their Facebook account from hacking if they follow all the security steps correctly from their FB settings. If you have complex strong password, mobile phone number added inside an account, and notifications enabled when (if) someone logins to your account, it would be almost impossible to hack an account that way. You need to be really dumb or fully naive nowadays if your account gets hacked honestly…

    Thanks again for your comment and have a great day!
    – Admin

  12. Aubrey Lumbao Valle said:

    hello my facebook was hacked so I need to need to bring it back to me but unfortunately I lost my sim card which my facebook account used so please help me

  13. Dan said:

    Hi. May i ask gor your assintance. I cant download the app? What to do?

  14. Panda said:

    Is this legit?

  15. Mubeen said:

    My fb hack password

  16. charliah onditi said:

    How do you download the app

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