InstaRipper is a new powerful Instagram hacking software

Inside today’s pretty rich variations of hacking tools which can be found in a black-hat world, this Instagram hack tool called “InstaRipper” took above average attention on the discussions threads.

Instagram Hack InstaRipper

Feel curious to try it? It’s publicly available at it’s own website to download.
Visit to get the tool.
It works on almost all modern devices, mobile and desktop ones. OS supported are Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Creators of this app are still anonymous and their identities are mystery still on this day. Well such thing could be expected because of nature of this software. However they’ve still

added disclaimer for users who decided to use their tool. It states that it’s forbidden to use InstaRipper to hack Instagram accounts of other people, except your own one. So because of this it’s only allowed to be used as a “password recovery” solution.

However there will always be ones who breaks the law of course and use it in wrong manners. In other words InstaRipper can be very dangerous program if it’s in hands of a black-hat hacker who’s goal is to steal online information and break into as many accounts possible.
This is why owners of InstaRipper want’s to stay anonymous. To not get blamed or in worst case even sued when someone use their tool in criminal purpose. And even there is a disclaimer inside their software’s pop-up box and on their website, that doesn’t mean someone will not consider them guilty for making it.

How this is even possible to work?
Because 99% if not even all website on the internet has some way (vulnerability) to break inside. It only takes to have above average intelligence, or have luck to detect it. And seems like the developers of InstaRipper had one of these when it comes to achieving their idea.
Will it work for forever, we doesn’t know. But for now seems like it works, until Instagram official employees don’t do something to stop it. Or they know and just don’t care, because there are similar hacking tools existing and working until today for almost every social network out there.