Purpose of this website is just to share information (for now). By myself I was in situation (like everyone) when I got my first PC and didn’t know anything about it or how to use it. Everything which interested me I searched on internet to learn. I remember when I first started to learn about hacking, many times I infected myself and needed to re-install Windows multiple times on my PC. Means someone hacked me and infected me. I was victim.

But there were sites which shared valid true information for free. Like forums and some blogs. They helped me to learn something and step by step I started to go from beginner for novice “hacker” and so on. I gathered information from anywhere I could, always tried something new, failed sometimes, but progressed slowly…

Today when I can say I know something about this and have some decent knowledge, I feel I need to give something in return. As like I learned and started from somewhere, I want someone else who is beginner and search on Google how to hack something or find into about some hacking tool find this place and hopefully learn something.

This is it. As you can see there is nothing personal info you can find about myself. But that’s how it is. In hacking world you have to be anonymous.

Have fun.