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Snapchat HackSnapchat is now definitely the most popular social media application on both Android and IOS. This application allows you to chat with your friends through images and live stories. A very different concept from the regular messaging application and that’s why it has become so popular. Hence, today we have come up with an application which will allow you to reap unlimited benefits. Yes, we are talking about Snapchat Hack, spying app.


The app got renamed after newest update to SnapRipper and now you can find on its official website for download.

* Works on Android (Apk), iOS, Mac & Windows

What This Tool Can Do?

The name of this application may confuse but let us make it clear it is not a hacking application. In fact, it is a life savior for those people who uses SC a lot. This application does make a lot of tall promises but the best part is it does what it claims.

We tested this application on a couple of different systems under different circumstances to find how well it performs when OS and other factors are changed. Interestingly this application did not give us a single chance to complain. This application allowed us to monitor chat conversation of your desired account. Now this is something that official SC application does not offer. With this amazing and exciting feature parents can monitor their child activity here too.

With online bullying and harassment going on, Snapchat spy app allows parents to monitor the activity of their children. Even you can use this amazing application to spy over your relationship partner activity to find out if he is cheating on you or not. It can either make your relationship stronger or will make you realize that you deserve someone better. So, a win win situation for you, eh?

Recover Your Password

Have you forgotten your Snapchat password? Tried different passwords but still could not get the right one? Well, let your all worries go away. This amazing application will find your password for you. All you have to do is choose “Password Finder” option, add account username and this application will find the password for your account. How simple this application makes everything!

You can follow news and updates of this app on their Twitter profile too.


Snapchat Hack is a must have tool for parents. No matter what parents should have this application to monitor their children activity. Having said that this software crashed a few of times but we are sure this will be fixed in the next version. It’s important that it worked for the purpose which is aimed for.


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  1. My daughter is smears going for hookups I wanna catch her in the act next time

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