Track phone location using its number with MSniffer mobile app

One interesting and handy app is coming to market next week, called MSniffer. This tool gives user ability to track someones mobile phone only by its number!
It’s not the first one of this kind, but it is when it comes to function which doesn’t include physical access for someone to have a cell phone in their hands in goal to install a third party app to someones device. With MSniffer, you can do this without touching anyone’s phone! Only information which you need to know is someones calling number, which you enter inside the app’s interface, tap a button and let the application do the rest of its job itself.

The app’s developers are authors of many other related hacking tools, which’ collection can be found at their official IG page.
Make sure to select the specific app for your need, as each of them offers different hacking algorithm depends on what online platform user decides to perform hacking or spying activity targeted to.

MSniffer - Cell Phone Tracker

Imagine in how many situations this tool can provide much help to someone. It often happens that people getting lost their precious expensive smartphones in many situations and someone else find it and decide to use it for themselves. If phone’s original owner forget to use some security app like “Find my phone” in their device, then they’re screwed. But not anymore if they know about MSniffer is existing. If they use MSniffer on another device (desktop or another smartphone, because it’s supported for many operating systems iOS, Android (.apk), Windows and Mac) they can easily see where they lost phone is located on a map inside the software.
This only works when phone is turned on, of course. And when it still has same SIM card the first owner used (obviously).
Because of this, user needs to act fast, before a thief changes another SIM card inside a stolen cell phone.

Another common situation where this program provides much of help is being in a relationship and suspecting your partner is cheating on you. Using MSniffer can help you know where your spouse/girlfriend/wife/boyfriend is currenly located. You can easily discover whether he/she is lying you by seeing where they go. The rest is up to you 🙂

Technology and process of how this app is even possible to work lies inside a satellites devices which are floating around the globe. Developers of MSniffer practically managed to hack inside a software of few of these and connect their algorithm to the MSniffer’s one. This is how the “middleman” is doing their act in this tracking process.

Try and Download the app
For those interested in this tool, MSniffer is available to get from its homepage.

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4 thoughts on “Track phone location using its number with MSniffer mobile app

  1. Needed this badly. Thanks a lot for sharing! Such an useful collection of hacking tools, keep it up 🙂

  2. First tried it on my Macbook and noticed it’s lacking with options “Use Proxy” and “Clear Cookies”. Does this means Mac version is more unsafe to use? Or I’m just having problems with activating stated options.

    Also, what would be a best platform to use this app, mobile or desktop computer?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Thank you hundred times for share and letting us know this tool exists! App helped me to find my lost cellphone I’ve lost in a shopping center. Hopefully a staff put it in a safe place so nobody took it away.
    Saved my day 😀 <3

  4. I have tried few of these similar apps from the web and also some from Google Play store. The bad thing is every of these tools I’m mentioning is not free and that’s not fair. What about us who are still at school and don’t have our own money income yet. However the MSniffer cell phone tracker is free to download and I am really thankful for its creators for this great generous share. Be blessed!

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