Track phone location using its number with MSniffer mobile app

One interesting and handy app is coming to market next week, called MSniffer. This tool gives user ability to track someones mobile phone only by its number!
It’s not the first one of this kind, but it is when it comes to function which doesn’t include physical access for someone to have a cell phone in their hands in goal to Continue reading

InstaRipper is a new powerful Instagram hacking software

Inside today’s pretty rich variations of hacking tools which can be found in a black-hat world, this Instagram hack tool called “InstaRipper” took above average attention on the discussions threads.

Instagram Hack InstaRipper

Feel curious to try it? It’s publicly available at it’s own website to download.
Visit to get the tool.
It works on almost all modern devices, mobile and desktop ones. OS supported are Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Creators of this app are still anonymous and their identities are mystery still on this day. Well such thing could be expected because of nature of this software. However they’ve still Continue reading

Facebook Hack Tool – Gateway to any Facebook Account

Facebook Hack ToolMany tools and websites claims they can hack any Facebook account within few minutes. They only make claims and do nothing. All tall promises and nothing practical. However, there is one application that works and does what it claims. Yes, we are talking about the program you can see in added screenshot. This software is in the market since 2011, but very few know about it. Lately, a new version of this application has been released which means Continue reading

Snapchat Hack – Spy App

Snapchat HackSnapchat is now definitely the most popular social media application on both Android and IOS. This application allows you to chat with your friends through images and live stories. A very different concept from the regular messaging application and that’s why it has become so popular. Hence, today we have come up with an application which will allow you to reap unlimited benefits. Yes, we are talking about Snapchat Hack, spying app. Continue reading

Brute-force Hacking Explained

Bruteforce hackingBrute force (additionally called brute force cracking) is a method used by software programs to decode encrypted data such as passwords or Data Encryption Standard (DES ) keys, through exhaustive effort using it rather than employing intellectual techniques. Just as a crookcrook might break into, or crack a safe through different possible combinations, this way of cracking application moves via Continue reading

Best Wireless (WiFi) Hacking Tools

WiFi Hacker ProgramNowadays everyone desires to access the internet via the WiFi for excessive speed. Wifi hacking was executed earlier on Linux distribution now it can be accomplished on the Windows too.
Here is the list of most popular wireless hacking tools for Penetration testing. These tools are top ones and well known wifi hacking programs in Linux and Windows surroundings. Continue reading